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I thought it would be a good idea to open myself up to jewelry commissions in order to make a little more money. That, and I really do like the challenge of making jewelry for people.

Here's how this is going to work. Contact me in one of the four ways provided below for a consultation in what you are looking to commission. We can discuss details such as  is it a necklace? Bracelet? Earrings or all the above or something else? 

Something to promote an inspiration would be welcomed as well. Do you want something Doctor Who inspired? If so, which Doctor? The same can go for any type of inspiration. Ponies, even just space or nature itself. Or maybe you just want a necklace to go with a particular dress. I can work with whatever kind of inspiration you want me to use.

Once details are discussed, I will see what materials are available whether it's in my own personal supplies or within my community and give you a quote on material costs. I am asking that you pay for any material costs that need to be purchased for your item before I begin collecting and creating the item in question.

Why do I require this? It seems to be a going trend lately that I get asked to make a piece for someone and then find out after I've spent a fair amount of money and time on the piece in question that they no longer want it or suddenly decided they can't afford the item in question. So, I am kindly asking you to make a down payment on your commissioned piece to cover supplies.  Yes, this will count towards the final price, meaning that after supplies are bought, all you have to pay for is the time it takes me to make the piece and shipping.

So, what can I make? I specialize in Necklaces and Earring sets primarily with the occasional ear cuff thrown in. I'm not afraid to attempt bracelets if desired, but, it may take me a little longer.

Here are some examples of my work:






On the Bottle cap Ribbon necklaces, If you want something specific, I can try to accommodate. Currently, I am using Magic the Gathering Cards, Pokemon cards and Yugioh cards for the images and what ribbons I have on hand.  If you want a particular card, please make sure that it's an easy to get card. IE, a common land card from Magic and not say... a Black Lotus. Or something else insanely hard to get/expensive.  If I had that kind of money, I wouldn't need to sell jewelry.

As for images, if you want say, a beloved pet, I can do that. You just need to provide an image.


I ship through the US postal service, using padded envelopes and cardboard jewelry boxes with padding inside.  This usually comes with tracking and I insure the piece just to be safe. So far, this hasn't cost me more than $5 to do, so shipping, unless you are ordering several pieces that I have get specialized packaging for, will almost always cost $5.

Currently, I've only shipped within the continental US. If something needs to be shipped international, shipping price may change. I will check to see what it will be at my local post office before quoting a shipping price.

Pricing will vary with each commission depending on the materials used and time spent on the piece.  For example, the green octopus necklace and matching gear earrings in the examples together cost $65 between materials and time spent putting the piece together as where the Green necklace and earrings cost $75 due to time and materials put into it.

On the reverse side, Bottle cap necklaces? $15. 

Contact Info:

Plurk: ZoanTanis
AIM: PacifistQueen
Email: nightingale.winds@gmail.com
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Welp, I've started the transition to here. Hopefully, it wont be as messy as my lj stuffs.

Ne case, Happy New Year everyone.


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